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Haz tus compras con este esmalte de uñas de gel verde.

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  • Todo el mundo necesita un poco de espacio para comprar, no podemos culparte. Pero es hora de salir de ese caparazón y poner tu sitio en un esmalte de uñas de gel de melón que esté optimizado para tu placer visual (y el de los demás). Una cosa es segura, no querrás borrar algo tan bueno y cremoso. Verde significa wow.
  • Consigue la descarga a todo color con el resto de nuestra colección #MeMyselfandOPI.
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The #MeMyselfandOPI Collection

About the Collection

Share who u r in a colorverse of ️expression with our Spring 2023 #MeMyselfAndOPI collection. Explore gel nail polish, long-lasting nail polish, classic nail lacquer, and dipping powder in shades that pay homage to digital space.

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1. Properly prep the nail and cuticle for optimal adhesion.

2. Shake GelColor Base Coat of choice vigorously then apply a thin coat. Cap the free edge to prevent chipping. Cure 30 seconds in the LED Light.

3. Shake gel nail polish shade of choice to thoroughly mix the pigment. Apply a very thin coat of color and cure for 30 seconds.

4. Apply a second very thin coat of gel nail polish. Cap the free edge again. The second coat will provide a true color payoff. Cure 30 seconds.

5. Shake GelColor Top Coat vigorously for 1 minute to thoroughly mix. Apply a very thin coat and cap the free edge to seal in color. Cure 30 seconds.

6. Remove tacky layer on Top Coat with an Expert Touch Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S. 99.

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OPI GelColor Stay Strong or Stay Classic User?

OPI GelColor Stay Strong or Stay Classic?

Before beginning any OPI GelColor service, first, determine whether clients are a Stay Strong or a Stay Classic user. Our new OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat has a thicker viscosity, and proper application requires a specific technique, see the Stay Strong Application Step-by-Step here. With our OPI Professionals Service Education courses on how to apply gel nail polish, you can ensure proper application with smooth and full coverage every time.


GelColor and Powder Perfection

The OPI GelColor and Powder Perfection systems both offer long-lasting, durable wear and shine. Choose from 140+ iconic OPI shades with GelColor, for up to 3+ weeks of wear. Powder Perfection is also available in a variety of iconic OPI shades and is great for clients who want gel-like shine plus the durability of acrylics, without the need to light cure.  

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OPI GelColor vs. OPI Powder Perfection Comparison